Bespoke cinema Experiences
for FYC Promotion, Production, VFX
& Post Production

All Crescent Theater clients benefit from our deep experience in filmmaking, marketing and post-production which informs every aspect of our screenings, event presentations, and technical sessions. 

The Crescent Theater is the perfect sized theater, with it’s 114 seats, for Private, Promotional, Work-In-Progress and even VFX QC and Color Correction Sessions.

Our equipment is calibrated regularly, and our location, 3 blocks from Rodeo Drive, on Wilshire Blvd. is second to none.

We have two amazing lobbies for receptions and plenty of underground parking. Please enjoy your virtual visit to The Crescent Theater and all that we offer to make your screening event / post-production session successful!

The Crescent Theater 03
100 N. Crescent Drive, at the corner of Wilshire BL. in Beverly Hills was designed in 1987 to be a Major Studio Headquarters.

Included in those original plans was a 114 seat, studio quality, private theater. We can screen DCPs, ProRes (all variants), 2K, 4K resolutions, and a current speciality is unfinished films for In-production / Post / VFX screenings using media like Avid Mxf, OpenEXR, DPX etc. with a 25 foot wide screen and a native SCOPE format (2.39:1).

The Crescent Theater is, of course, capable of projecting in virtually any format, including odd aspect ratios.

In 2019 extensive renovations were made to the Rotunda Lobby and Theater Lobby.

The Crescent Theater Delivers

The Crescent Theater 01

hi-end surround sound speakers

let you

FEEL the sound,

not just hear it

Big JBLs at The Crescent Theater

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